New concept to promote Artists/Bands, Actors and Speakers New Concept !
TV Show with new
Celebrity every day

It is always interesting to see and hear well known people talk about the future and the past!
CallYouNet will visit Artists/Bands, Actors and Speakers in their home and they talks about their future plans, countries they like to visit and a unique HiStory™ interview about journey and turning points in life which resulted in stardom.
Some of the information will be added on websites below with worldwide promotion and logistics to give more opportunities to hire Artist/Band/Actor when they plan to be in other continents. HiStory™ is being added to the country of origin: See example Legends of Sweden

Main Page CallYouNet Artists/Bands are either booked for gigs or plans to be in another State/Country/Continent in the future. Artists/Bands that wish to tour together in another continent Artists/Bands wish to play live in another country shows future plans to be of Actors. shows future plans to be of Speakers. Very Personal SErvice Artist Of The Day

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